Versa Bed – Plastic Top/4-Planks/4-J-Channel Hanger




Please contact us before ordering the Versa Bed system. Qualified van builders and individuals comfortable with mounting this bed system are able to order, however there is not a standard fastener for our J-channel at this time and we want to ensure everyone who orders is comfortable with installing the bed system.

The Versa Bed system comes with 4 panels expandable from 60″-72″ along with 4 – 72″ lengths of J-channel the bed frames sit in. This allows the bed to be mounted at any height and configured as one bed, two bunks, and a bench/couch facing forward or backward. Panel are made from light weight aluminum, which makes them easy to move. The Versa bed panels can also be removed and stowed the side to allow the back of your van to be used for cargo.

Additional J-channel can be ordered to create other configurations, including a workbench/picnic table between the backdoors.


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